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Senior Drilling Supervisor



LANGUAGES: strong oral and written English communication skills, Arabic, Chinese and Russian of advantage 

  • Technical qualifications and possess a degree in Engineering will be an advantage.

  • Must have at least 15 years diversified petroleum industry experience gained trough long exposure to drilling, workover and completion operations at rig site with 5 years drilling operation as Drilling Supervisor, including drilling and testing the HPHT wells.

  • Must possess valid well control certificate (IWCF preferred).

  • Must have basic understanding of theories and principles involved in the following diversified technical areas:

- International Association of Drilling Company’S (IADC)'s broad guidelines and practices
Various land rigs design, safety specifications and selection
- Well Planning - shallow gas / casing design
- Wellheads and tubular designs
-Drilling fluids program design
- Drill bits selection and performance
- Directional drilling planning / programming
- Wellbore trajectory planning / optimisation
- Directional surveying method / equipment / accuracy / required results
- Bottomhole assemblies and Downhole Measurement selection
Hydraulics Program
- Formation coring equipment / program
- Fishing tools
- Well Completion equipment
- Engineering softwares and computer literacy.
Working knowledge in areas such as production testing, interpreting electric logs, mud logs and geology is also required. 

Must be proficient in operating Microsoft Office software, Wellview, WELLPLAN, COMPASS software


  • Plan, organize, direct, co-ordinate and manage all COMPANY’S as well as CUSTOMER’s Personnel, which include drilling engineers, petroleum engineers and geologists on the drilling rig to implement drilling / workover / testing or completion operations activities in accordance with   approved   programs   and   acceptable   procedures,   practices and standards, with specific objective of achieving optimum operating cost while ensuring the safety of personnel, property and environment.

  • Perform detailed technical assessment to resolve technical problems that may occur during the drilling, workover, testing and/or completion activities.

Senior Drilling Supervisor shall be responsible to carry on day operation and his duties shall include but are not limited to the following:
- Accountable for the total implementation of approved programs and operations on the rig.
Supervise,  manage,  direct,  inspect and  control  all  COMPANY’S  as well  as   CUSTOMER's Personnel assigned to the rig to drill, workover, test and/or complete the wells, in accordance with CUSTOMER's requirements.
Review and approve all downhole equipment to be used for drilling, testing and completion, quantities of cement and mud additives for formulating the cement slurries, drilling fluid and completion fluid in order to achieve the objectives of the well program.
- Approve IADC reports (the legal document used to resolve all disputes) which log the actual activities and corresponding operating hours for COMPANY’S to claim for financial compensation for work done.
Modify drilling parameters to suit geological conditions and advise the Drilling Team Leader and Superintendent accordingly.
Review and approve all reports submitted to headquarters. Provide help in preparation of the reports for headquarters.
Inspect the work site and equipment to ensure activities are carried out safely and efficiently.
Check and verify that all services rendered by third party COMPANY’S are accurately recorded on job tickets and all charges are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
- Responsible for the safety and discipline on the rig and decide on whether to abandon / suspend the operations in the event of adverse weather conditions or other force majeure situations.
Plan ahead of current activities and forecast equipment and services requirements to prevent delays or excessive and costly standby time, and improvise back-up options if adverse situations occur.
Report to Drilling Superintendent at the office on daily progress of operations, emphasis on the critical jobs performed, discuss on next courses of action and obtain instructions and clarifications on any amendment to the well program.
- Responsible to timely submit by fax or email an accurate "Daily Drilling Report" to CUSTOMER’s office.
Propose to and seek Superintendent's approval / advice on any major deviation or problems which may occur during the drilling of a well.

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