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Satellite image interpretation & scouting services in Republic of Iraq

Phases of services:
  • Satellite data interpretation and Strategy definition
  • Field scouting 
  • Report submitting

Phase 1: Satellite data interpretation  and Strategy definition

The main objective of this phase is preliminary identification of the main objects of infrastructure (such as the main roads, agricultural land, settlements, separate buildings and constructions, etc.), basic elements of a relief map, and types of soils for Scouting Programme preparation.

The digital maps, list of the main objects, and Scouting Programme will be prepared based on the results of the preliminary interpretation.

Phase 2: Ground scouting  (executes by our Iraqi partner - Manaar Group of Companies

During the ground scouting, a Manaar team will visit the key locations in the block identified from the satellite imagery review.

The following topics will be studied and reported on:
  • Local terrain (with descriptions, photographs)
  • Soil and near-surface geology, in identified points of interest; specifically identification of major karst/depression features in limestone which may be an obstacle to vehicles, seismic acquisition, drilling and field development activity
  • Settlements, population, tribes and local leaders
  • Other economic activity (e.g. quarries/mines, herding/farming, markets)
  • Water sources (surface and subsurface)
  • Roads, electricity, air-strips, cities/villages, separate buildings, accommodation, and other infrastructure
  • Local medical facilities and medevac, including local clinics, and nearest medical facilities in large cities outside Scouting Territory
  • Climate and natural hazards (floods, sandstorms, etc.) to be briefly covered; 
* a formal Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is not part of this scope
  • Brief summary of local flora and fauna (not a formal EIA)
  • Environmentally-sensitive and cultural/historic areas, if any (not a formal EIA)
  • Security situation; restricted areas such as border guards camps, check-points and military camps; presence of any terrorist / insurgent / criminal / smuggling activity
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO), if any 
* note this is not a complete UXO survey, but any instances discovered will be noted

Phase 3: Scouting Report 
At this phase, in collaboration with the Manaar team:
  • Will carry out the changes/specifications of preliminary main objects, types and condition identified in Phase 1;
  • Will prepare the Standard Scouting Report and Full Operation Report;
  • Will transfer to Customer the reports and the modified satellite interpretation results (as SHP-files).  

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