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Wellside Geologist

strong oral and written English communication skills, Arabic, Chinese and Russian of advantage
 Ideal candidate must have 15 years plus experience in the Oil and Gas Industry with 10 years drilling operation as Wellsite Geologist including drilling of HPHT, horizontal and high H2S wells
  • Bachelor Degree or higher in Geological Sciences;
  • Geological Supervisor certificate and above;
  • Should be engaged in the Geological Supervisor more than 10 years;
  • Good knowledge of wellsite geology, geological data acquisition, drilling technology and petroleum geology;
  • Master conventional core description and side wall core description.
  • Good knowledge of log analysis and petrophysical evaluation;
  • Good knowledge of determination precise depth of landing point in the horizontal wells under the conditions of 3D seismic data and take proper measures;
  • Good knowledge of correlation well section between new well drilling and near drilled wells and recognize marker of formation;
  • Good knowledge of salt, anhydrite and carbonate rocks drilling operation;
  • Good knowledge of preparation of Daily Geological Report and Final Geological Report;
  • Good knowledge of calculations of formation pressure co-efficient, lag time and gas channelling speed, etc.;
  • Good knowledge of cuttings description and stratigraphy divided;
  • Good knowledge of oil & gas shows evaluation and description;
  • Have the experience of Geological program preparation;
  • Have the experience of contract and invoice management;
  • Proficient in operating Microsoft Office software, such as excel, word, PPT, etc. D.  
  • Valid H2S and HSE Certificates;
The responsibilities of Wellsite Geologist will include but not are limited to the following:
  • Supervision of "Formation Evaluation" contractors (Mud logging Geologist, LWD Engineer, Wireline Logging Engineer, Coring);
  • Coordinates with Drill site manager, Mudlogging Engineer, Wireline Engineer, Directional Driller for well status and well trajectory;
  • Coordinate with Operation Geologist, update on current well status;
  • According to geological program requirements organize contractor complete conventional geologic logging operation, and perform the contract accurately;
  • Quality control of all evaluation results and logs prior to accepting the data or logs from contractors;
  • Providing relevant correlation and well data to contractor during drilling operations;
  • Checking and certificating all reports, logs, from contractors prior to sending to Company office;
  • Monitoring and supervising the collecting, processing and dispatching of formation evaluation samples (Cutting samples, fluid samples);
  • Well logging witness, Evaluate pay count for interested zones and pressure test for pressure profile;
  • Prepare Preliminary and Final Electric Log Report for each well;
  • Horizontal well landing and monitoring (if applicable);
  • Coring operations (Determine coring point, core description, core packing);
  • All safety aspects for the well and personnel during these evaluation operations;
  • Quality control of all mud logging data;
  • According to formation pressure prognosis and the actual situation, put forward reasonable drilling fluid density requirements;
  • According to the actual situation and requirements of the COMPANY, put forward amendment opinions about well trajectory;
  • According to the adjacent well data, mud logging data and drilling parameter, select coring point and casing point.

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